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Attipas Story

Attipas Toddler shoes were released in 2011 after 7 years of research & development at Seoul National University.

Based on kinetic & physio-dynamic tests of toddlers walking, these unique non-slip shoes ergonomically support infants first steps & thereafter

Best Quality

What Is Attipas?

Babies have the habit of sucking everything that passes his/her mouth.

Attipas outsole is made of 100% NON-TOXIC RUBBER (TBR). The socks (upper part) are 80% cotton, 17% spandex, 2% rubber yarn & 1% polyurethane yarn.

Attipas has passed the toxic and formaldehyde test from South Korea’s accredited institute. Attipas does not use any hazardous materials & adhesives.

Attipas guarantees baby’s safety.

Support baby’s first steps with Attipas

Natural Organic with Attipas

We use a range of plants and materials to create our natural dye baby shoes.

Natural dyes do tend to fade faster than fiber reactive dyes but they have amazing wellness benefits and are hands down the most eco-friendly!

Just Like Walking Barefoot

The ergonomic shoe designed for babies & toddlers that are so light weight and comfortable they won’t even know they’re wearing them!


Our mission is to give every family the opportunity to buy high quality, healthy, beautiful and affordable shoes for children who are starting to enjoy their first steps. We would like to introduce this amazing and fun footwear to every child who revels in their own original style. There is no doubt that your baby will enjoy wearing their Attipas shoes as much as they do looking at them, which will bring you many beautiful and joyful moments to share together.

The first steps your baby takes must be both healthy and memorable – Attipas will make sure of it!